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Bradford SoundScreen insulation combines the benefits of thermal insulation with the extra density of rockwool, to reduce the amount of external noise entering your home and keep you comfortable. Heavy traffic, noisy neighbours and overhead aircrafts are all things you would rather not hear inside your home. Bradford SoundScreen for ceilings and external walls has been designed to reduce the noise entering your home, so you can enjoy the peace and quiet you deserve.

Bradford SoundScreen is acoustically optimised rockwool insulation. It can be used in external walls and ceilings to meet energy efficiency regulations, while keeping outside noise at bay.

SoundScreen for external walls is treated with a water repellent agent for moisture resistance and should be installed at the time of building or renovating your home.

Features and Benefits

  • Reduces sound power levels by up to 75%
  • Install in external wall to reduce external noises from entering your home
  • Install in ceilings to minimise the transfer of airborne noises
  • Meets the highest Australian standards
  • Provides effective thermal insulation
  • Fire resistant
  • Low allergen