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Rockwool Energy Saver Cavity Wall Insulation is an entirely dry system which uses granulated Rockwool blown into an external wall cavity to a predetermined density. No glues or catalysts are involved in the installation procedure. The system may be used to improve the thermal insulation of both new and existing masonry cavity walls as well as certain types of non-traditional structures. Rockwool Energy Saver blown wool does not create a bridge or capillary path within the cavity that might allow rainwater to penetrate to the inner lead.


  • Ensures a complete fill without settlement
  • Water repellent – will not allow water to migrate across cavity
  • Vapour permeable – allows construction to breathe, reducing condensation risk
  • Cost effective solution for new build and refurbishment

The benefits of incorporating Energy Saver Cavity Wall Insulation to your housing designs are:

1.  It will not disrupt your brick layers
They can do what they do best, lay bricks and not have to change their methodology during construction and worry about ensuring correct installation methods.

2.  Long term proven Performance
This method of Wall Installation is not new, it was developed and perfected in the United Kingdom and has provided over twenty five years of proven service after being installed into an estimatedthree million homes.

3.  Fire Safe Insulation
Rockwool Insulation is classified as non combustible, this ensures that it will not burn, melt, and cause hazardous fumes when exposed to an ignition source. i.e. when gas and water pipes are connected. 

4.  Health Safe Insulation
Rockwool has had over 30 years of exhaustive research. In October 2001, an international expert panel reviewed by the International Agency for Research of Cancer (IARC) evaluated the latest scientific and medical evidence on Rockwool insulation. As a result Rockwool was reclassified from a Category 2B to a Category 3 “not classified as carcinogenic to humans”. The major ingredient is volcanic rock.

5.  Improved Acoustical Performance
When used in conjunction with Resilient Wall Ties and Energy Saver Cavity Wall Insulation can be expected to provide an Rw rating of 56-58.

6.  Proven Moisture Resistance
Energy Saver Cavity Wall Insulation will not transmit water to the inner leaf, nor will it transmit moisture by capillary action across the cavity or from below the damp-proof course level.  

7.  Recycled Product 
Energy Saver Cavity Wall Insulation is made from 100% recycled Rockwool. The recycling process occurs at a manufacturing facility in Jandakot.  

8.  Guaranteed Performance 
When supplied and installed Energy Saver Cavity Wall Insulation has a performance guarantee to ensure the insulation performs as stated.

Method of use:
Rockwool Energy Saver Cavity Wall Insulation is normally installed in existing properties by drilling and filling via the outer leaf of the cavity wall. In new buildings, installation may be carried out either 
from outside, or through the inner leaf of the cavity wall, prior to plastering.

In existing domestic properties, Energy Saver, installed by Rockwool Approved Installers in accordance with the specifications and conditions laid down by Rockwool Limited, carries a guarantee issued by CIGA, the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency.