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Designed to enhance your home’s thermal performance and weather resistance, EnviroSeal Wall Wrap also protects new homes from wind-driven rain and dust during construction.

During construction

Bradford EnviroSeal Wall Wrap acts as a physical barrier to weather, and guards the interior of your home from condensation and extreme temperature variations during the building phase.
Our range of reflective foil insulation products, when combined with Bradford Gold Insulation, can improve thermal comfort by reducing radiant heat transfer entering your home.

Once your house is built

Once construction is complete, EnviroSeal acts as a second skin, helping to weatherise your home and making it more energy efficient and comfortable.

Bradford EnviroSeal Wall Wrap combines the benefits of reflective thermal insulation with superior weather protection. Constructed from a super tough woven polypropylene film faced with highly reflective aluminium foil, Bradford EnviroSeal provides protection from unwanted moisture build-up in your wall cavities during winter and its reflective surface reduces radiant heat transfer into your home during summer.

Features and Benefits

  • Reflects radiant heat, keeping you cooler in summer
  • Guards your home from the elements like a second skin
  • Pliable, strong and easy to install
  • Fire retardant