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Double Brick Cavity Wall Insulation

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Double Brick Cavity Wall Insulation
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Kingspan AIR-CELL Permicav™ is an all-in-one insulation and breathable membrane designed specifically for double brick cavity walls to reduce the risk of condensation. Manufactured with a patented closed-cell structure sandwiched by highly reflective foil surfaces and pierced with tiny, evenly-spaced perforations, Kingspan AIR-CELL Permicav™ allows water vapour permeance while helping to achieve a 6-star house energy rating.

Bradford EzyCAV™ Cavity Wall Blanket is an innovative solution to insulating cavity brick walls that combines excellent thermal performance with ease of installation. EzyCAV™ Cavity Wall Blanket is a flexible 15mm thermal insulation blanket faced with a reflective foil laminate on one side and a woven polymer facing on the other to provide strength for ease of installation. These facings are sealed along one side of the blanket to form a 150mm lap for ease of handling and installation. It has been designed to provide a high level of thermal performance of up to RT1.8 in the restricted space of the wall cavity when installed with a 35mm airgap.

Key product benefits

  • Comprehensive solution for cavity brick walls
  • Helps meet 6 Star energy efficiency requirements
  • Vapour permeable and water repellent
  • Ensures clearance for plumbing and electrical services
  • Antiglare surface for easy installation
  • Easy to install correctly – no special tools needed
  • No additional sealing of air space required