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Insulation - Underfloor

Glasswool Sub-floor Insulation

Glasswool Sub-floor Insulation
Bradford Optimo™ sub-floor insulation has been specifically developed to increase the comfort, energy efficiency and safety of homes with suspended timber floors.

Manufactured from glasswool, Optimo™ is rigid high density insulation, with custom designed fixings, to enable installation in both newly constructed homes and existing dwellings.

Homes with well insulated ceilings and walls could still be losing as much as 20% of their heating and cooling energy use through the floor, costing homeowners money and increasing greenhouse gas emissions.

Designed to fit snugly between the joists under suspended timber floors, and supported with custom designed aluminium straps or plastic saddles, Optimo™ is a simple to install solution to help reduce heat and noise transfer through floors.

Optimo is manufactured from glasswool – the most popular home insulation product in the world. The batts are specially stiffened and treated to provide a moisture resistant underfloor insulation.

The glasswool is made from around 65% recycled glass which is melted and then spun like fairy floss to create millions of air pockets. These air pockets are very poor conductors of heat, providing a cost-effective insulation.

Features and Benefits

  • Higher density for outstanding thermal performance
  • Reduces heat transfer through suspended floors
  • Helps stop draughts through timber floors
  • Reduces external noise entering through the sub-floor
  • Helps achieve 6 Star energy efficiency rating and meet VEET requirements

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