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Acoustic Roofing Blanket
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Designed for metal roofs, Acousticon dampens airborne aircraft noise and the sound of rain on your roof. Made from a specially developed foil faced glasswool blanket, Acousticon provides optimal acoustic performance, and excellent thermal and condensation control.

Wild weather and overhead aircraft contribute to the unwanted noise that disturbs your peace inside the home. Bradford Acousticon reduces unwanted outside airborne noises transferring through your metal roof, to create the peaceful environment you deserve.

Made from glasswool, the world’s most popular insulation material, it has been acoustically optimised to reduce rain noise entering your home. A foil facing on one side of the material has the additional benefit of preventing condensation build up in winter, which can help prevent mould growth.

Features and Benefits

  • Reduces noise transfer into your home caused by rain by up to 18dB
  • Keeps homes cooler in summer
  • Prevents heat loss in winter
  • Saves on energy costs
  • Environmentally sound – made from up to 80% recycled content
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions

Guaranteed for the life of your home