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CSR Martini Absorb is a flexible building sheet or roll manufactured from thermally bonded polyester fibre, with a minimum of 83% recycled fibre. Absorb acoustic insulation provides the benefits of both thermal insulation and acoustic insulation and is designed to comply with AS/NZS 4859.1.

Martini Absorb LD is ideal acoustic insulation for applications such as ceilings, partition walls, other wall assemblies and curtain wall applications. Martini Absorb LD will help reduce sound transmission through building assemblies and provides excellent sound absorption when used as an overlay product.

Martini Absorb MD is a medium weight acoustic insulation, high performance acoustic sound absorber and is ideal for use in areas where noise control is critical such as recording studios, cinemas and large open indoor areas. Martini Absorb MD can also be used around storage tanks, appliance cabinets, plant rooms and as an acoustic baffle.

Martini Absorb HD is a medium/heavy weight acoustic insulation and is the optimal product for acoustic applications. It delivers premium sound absorption across the entire frequency range. Martini Absorb HD recommended uses include fitting around storage tanks, process equipment and appliance cabinets, in plant rooms, as acoustic baffles and acoustic silencers, cinemas, sound studios and acoustic panels.